What is Fluky Pixels?

Fluky Pixels is an ever-evolving project led by Emely S. Roman at the forefront. It currently houses trendy, relatable content whether it is for the world traveler, the avid gamer, cosplayer, bookworm or fashionista and everything in between. It also fosters collaboration of both up and coming and veteran content creators.

What can you expect to find here?

1. Content curated with the intention to deliver meaningful and entertaining information to you. Because if you are not smiling then what are you doing?

2. Guides! Guides! And more Guides! Focusing on Traveling, How To’s, Entrepreneur Tips, Tech Assist, Food, Wine and Product Reviews. With that being said, sometimes, I may place a link that will take you to said product or service and I may get commission from that. You can read all about that in my Privacy Policy Page if you’d like and if you have questions you may contact me here.

3. Anime Lists and Reviews: All things anime from Con Logs to Monthly Must-Watch to reviews or discussions on trending Anime news.

4. Travel Logs: Traveling is one of my passions. I also encourage everyone to go out and explore the world even if it’s one city at a time. There is so much to see out there and so many inspirational stories. Traveling is one of those very few investments that will surely give you a return in the long run. You can read about budget travel, alternative travel solutions, off the beaten path adventures and of course enjoy eye-catching photography.

5. Lifestyle Posts: This includes everything from buying homes, remodeling, DIYs, opinion pieces on political, tech, and entertainment news or trends.

6. Food and Drink: Restaurant reviews, recipes, and introductory wine guides and reviews.

7. Brand exposure: We will be collaborating every once in a while, with brands that fit your interests.

And much more!

I don’t believe that for a successful blog or website or business (because Fluky Pixels is more than just a blog) you need to limit yourself to one niche. Individuality is a multi-layered dynamic with all sorts of colors and shapes. If you’ve read this far, I am certain that you will find something of interest in this little space on the web. So please subscribe and join the community. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact me.