My Childhood & First Anime Encounters

Flying Nimbus First Anime

Anime became a part of my life at a very early age. I was born in Costa Rica in 1990. Childhood back then was very different from childhood now. We didn’t rely on technology to entertain ourselves as kids, rather we let our imagination run wild. We played until the street lamps turned on. Also, we collected insects (I had a pet spider called Martha). We created universes within our own reality where we were the heroes.  Our dolls were colorful characters that developed a sometimes suspenseful but colorful story.

sailor_moonIn 1997, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball were simultaneously released in a local Costa Rican channel. I remember the shows came on right after I would come home from school. I would sit on a red couch excited for my favorite shows to come on.  And my mind would crash into these shows.  I would sometimes imagine that I was flying in this red couch just like Goku did on his Flying Nimbus.

I would run outside with a broom in hand and would pretend that I was holding Sailor Pluto’s Staff.

Basic Cosplay Staff Tutorial (ft. Sailor Pluto’s Time Key)

Crystallium is my current sci-fi project, inspired by many of these anime.

My Teenage Years & The Classics

At ten we moved to the United States and became introduced to a whole different culture. It was admittedly a little bit of a crueler childhood (I was bullied). These shows became my escape-goat from reality. They inspired me to write my own sci-fi stories, poetry, and to read many books including Dune, The War of the Worlds, A Wrinkle in Time, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy etc. It opened doors to many different genres and means of creativity. It introduced me to many of what I now consider passions, like for example, playing video games specifically RPGs, beginning with Zelda games to Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Sword Art Online, Skyrim and the list continues.

Bebop, GIT, Wolf’s Rain, Outlaw Star

It would be very accurate to say that Anime is the foundation for the kind of person that I am as well. I’m a little bit (understatement) of a romantic, I daydream a whole lot, and have a keen interest in science – specifically space exploration. That was sparked around 2004 when Adult Swim started to release Cowboy Bebop (My favorite anime of all time), GIT: Stand Alone Complex, Wolf’s Rain and outlaw star. These shows had futuristic themes where machine and humans were almost interchangeable. The philosophical elements found on GIT meshed well with my poetic and analytical side and I started to wonder upon much of my existence at just 14 years of age.

Fluky Pixels and Blogging About Anime

It is now 2017, I am 27 years old and anime still holds a very important part of my life. Anime is still a sanctuary for my mind to escape from the ordinary 9-5. It is also a passion that is very budget friendly, although I admit that my checking account is swarmed by subscriptions to Anime Channels. Also, I may have collections of DVDs. . . Now that I think about it, it may not be as budget friendly as I thought.

Regardless, to me, it is a hobby that is worth every penny, every second I’ve spent. Right now I am watching Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, a mildly lesbian slice of life that is as good as cotton candy! Slice of life anime are one of those guilty pleasures that sometimes is misunderstood. For example, why do we even like seeing characters live out normal, ordinary lives instead of having someone destroy a planet.