I didn’t even know there was a Norristown Zoo. But there is! And My family and I won four tickets to visit Elmwood Park Zoo. And let me be honest, I think it’s better than the Philadelphia Zoo in so many ways. From South Philadelphia, it takes around 45 minutes to get there by car. But it is also accessible via public transportation.

What to Pack for the Norristown Zoo

Above all, please make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Even if this zoo is smaller than its neighboring Philadelphia Zoo, you are going to want to have comfortable shoes to see all the different attractions.

Right at the very entrance, there is a cafe, a gift shop. We also found stands all over the place and they even serve beer. You know that sat well with me! Although to be honest, maybe alcohol in 90-degree weather is not such a great idea.

In your backpack:

1) Lots of Water

2) A Towel to wipe the sweat

3) Camera

4) Phone Charger

5) Snacks

Norristown Zoo

One of the things I enjoyed about this zoo is that you get to feed the giraffes and many other animals, the bisons, chickens, goats and much more.

Norristown Zoo

But my favorite thing is the zip lining tour that you get to do all around the zoo. Yes! You swing across the bison, past a river and run through obstacle courses that dangle from tree to tree. You also get to feel those trees sway as the wind breeze through. Keep in mind, I have a fear of heights but I couldn’t let my nephew or sister in law show me up, right? The cost of the zip line was less than $30. I think it’s a pretty good price for all the fun that you get to have. We spent the whole day in this zoo. We got to see beautiful animals. The only thing is that some exhibits were empty. I recommend checking out their website before visiting to make sure the exhibits you are interested in are open.

Norristown Zoo