Traveling is a passion of mines. It’s something that I honestly don’t do enough of. I wish I could figure out how some

travelers do it.And, I get it, financial responsibilities and priorities are organized a certain way for some. But, I have a couple of places I want to visit. I’ll be making a Bucket list series where we explore each place and the marvelous points of interest that make each location a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you want to check them out make sure you go to my travel section. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll get to upload a vlog about it on my currently, very empty YouTube. Peru is a place that resonates with mystery and rich history. The following are some notes on why Peru is on my bucket list.

Peru’s Precolumbian Ruins

I’d love to start out with Machu PicchuΒ of course. An ancient Incan site discovered in 1911. A symbol of Incan Power and Royalty. It must be such a magical feeling climbing up to see these ruins and imagine what life was back then. But if I have to be perfectly honest, topping Maccu Picchu would have to be seeing the Nazca Lines from up above.




Part of being an explorer of the world is obviously trying out new foods. Basically, you are traveling through each country through their traditional meals. I’d love to try authentic Peruvian Ceviche. Although Costa Rica also has some delicious Ceviche, I think each country probably has a signature taste. Sort of like the different types of Tamales and empanadas you have in different Latin American Countries.


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I love JetSking and ATVs. When I realized that there is such a thing as Sandboarding I started to do lots of research on the sport. It turns out you can actually sandboard in the Peruvian Desert. HuacachinaΒ is a five-hour bus ride from Lima, close by to Ica and a couple of hours to the Nazca lines. So I think it would be the smart option for me, personally. Google Huacachina and you soon realize why this place seems like out of a dream. Desert environments have always had a magical connotation to me – and maybe romantic as well. Imagine sitting by the only desert oasis in South America, secluded – watching the stars above at night.

What are some places on your bucket list right now? Let me know in the comment box down below!