On my First Month Income Report, I promised I would go over exactly how I increased my views. I increased my views from 0 – 3,545 views in 30 days. My prior months were basically unproductive due to various reasons.  And I am just going to cut right to the chase right now. Here’s my Google Analytics screenshot:


July 2017 Google Analytics Report

So how did I increase my views?

After everything is said and done there were just THREE things I did differently from the previous months.

  1. Tightened up my Niche.
  2. Increased number of posts & established consistency.
  3. Joined over 20+ different Facebook Groups & Created a Routine

increase your views

Tightened my Niche

When I first started my blog I wanted to be a rebel! I wanted to not abide by the “Niche” specific rule. I wanted to be a Walmart, a Target, in the “blogosphere”. It sounds silly but as a person, I have so many layers and interests that I didn’t want to limit myself in regards to content. Maybe I was a little bit afraid that I would run out of ideas if I just stuck to one particular topic. Or Perhaps it was that at that time – four months ago – I didn’t really have a clue of what I envisioned for this blog. Also, I didn’t quite understand what lifestyle meant & how broad of a term it can be sometimes.

As I started researching – which can loosely translate to reading A LOT of Blogs, I realized I had a lot of work cut out for me. I had to first filter through the hundreds of spammy posts about earning so much. Then, I had to seriously sit down and read and take notes, and yes even spend money on lessons, eBooks etc. Most of them didn’t work much and truthfully a lot of these products also contained the spam, the affiliate links and the same reiteration of “PINTEREST is God” and what not.

My first advice to you is to just start writing. If you are like me when I first started and have no clue what you want to write about just do it. Just write and keep on writing. You will find that not all your passions are worth writing about.

Here are some of my Favorite Blogs to follow:

  1. http://www.kristaaoki.com/
  2. http://www.darlingceo.com/
  3. http://www.theconfusedmillennial.com/
  4. http://angelaeast.com/

Finally, I realized that I absolutely enjoyed writing about social media, entrepreneurship, women empowerment and travel.

Increasing and Maintaining Consistency When it Comes to Posts

I joined the 100DaysofBlogging Challenge and have committed to writing every day. A lot of seasoned bloggers can tell you that they spend over 4 hours a day at least on their blog. If you are serious about this, expect that. I guarantee it 100%. And please do not, I repeat do not, believe those that tell you that Blogging is easy. In fact, just like anything else in life, this may not be for everyone. And yes, you will realize it as soon as you feel exhausted from your full-time job but realize you have to continue on working on your blog. Otherwise, views won’t come in.

Now writing every day doesn’t mean you have to post every day. Create plenty of draft posts. Even if they are just titles you’ve come up with. I actually purchased a planner and write post ideas every day. And I also assess each title against my three main topics of my blog. I ask myself: Does this post fit in any of the three main categories?  I also schedule my life to include at least two hours a day for writing and researching. Now, I publish a post every other day or so. I do this because I found that publishing a post every day is technically not essential to increase your views.

Join as many Facebook Groups as you can

This is probably the most important item of all. Networking is imperative for your blog’s success. I know this from just blogging for one month. I’ve met amazing bloggers with incredible talent and endless creativity. Through blogging, I’ve met women entrepreneurs and creatives like Sadie, Lyn, and Estrella.These women are inspirational, down to Earth and have so much to teach about their respective niches and industries.

Aside from networking make sure you are using the post threads to promote your blog! Again, you have so much to say, that only YOU can say. And it’s only right that you get a chance to show the world. With that being said, make sure you follow the groups’ rules and even more importantly, that you are genuinely reciprocating.

In the Blogosphere, the word “reciprocation” is such an important word. We are all in the same business, some of us share the same dreams. For me, it’s to one day quit my 9-5, run my own business from wherever I want in the world, and enjoy a unique type of freedom. And for you, it could be the little ones running around you right now as you read this. For others, it could be the student loans, the sometimes overwhelming debt. Whatever your motivation is, understand that we are all looking for the same thing and that is Success. So please reciprocate correctly.

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One last tip: Angela from http://angelaeast.com/introduced me to the SAVE ribbon on Facebook. Managing over 30 groups on Facebook at once can get crazy! So make sure you save the post you are participating on and then return to it when it’s time to complete the thread.



But some things are Missing Still

As I am writing this I have already hit the 4k+ mark. I am well on my way to hitting my 6k views goal for the month. And even though I am doing fairly good, I still feel like there are still some elements missing. Social media, especially Pinterest is a mystery to me. I have gained some traction. I started with 30 followers in July and I am at 200 now. I’m  currently reading some E-books and doing my due diligence. I also feel like there should be more interaction on my Instagram. So I started to experiment with themes.

Once I learn something new I will be sure to update you guys on this. Until then, what are some tips and tricks you have learned to increase your traffic?