HGTV be likeHave you ever sat in front of your TV and binged on House Hunters or some similar show? You probably have daydreamed of opening that door, having a smiling realtor talk about all the nice homes, or remodeling. Well boy, are you in denial! Things that come with buying a new home fall at both ends of the spectrum. It can have you feeling ecstatic one second and the next you are wanting to strangle a squirrel.

Needless to say, I am right in the middle of being stressed and becoming psychotic. I am grateful that I have FlukyPixels as a mean to release some of it and you guys to see my struggles, and hopefully, some of you can learn from my mistakes. Or you can relate to it. I definitely need some wine after this.

Waking up to reality

Property taxes, credit score, interest rates, seller disclosures, inspections, appraisals, homeowner’s insurance. Buying a new home is difficult. Wow! I really wish I could have taken a course in High School that gave us at least an overview of all the things that come with this process! I remember my mom told me she went to a vocational school, that taught her how to sew, cook and do some other things. It’s a safe bet to say, I have no idea how to sew a button. Actually, I didn’t even know how to spell the word “sew” up until this post.

And maybe I am impatient, but boy is the process of finding mere potential candidates a slow process. I’ve cried, thrown tantrums, and demanded an office! If he has a man cave, I’m getting an office damn it!

Buying a New Home = Take back this Adulting Thing!

I’ve been renting for years. I’ve paid electric bills, bought my own grocery, I even got my little blender for the green juice. That’s less than half of all the bills and expenses you have to take into consideration when purchasing a home. Whoever heard of a lawn expense? I have to pay so that the grass doesn’t grow?! The anxiety doesn’t stop there: I wonder if the neighbors will like us? Because I’m loud as hell sometimes and I like my beer. There have been times when we’ve wished nothing more but to just live in our moms’ bedrooms and live those teenage years. Boys and girls, life gets harder, way harder.

But we are in love with the future

And the idea that we will be growing a little family in there soon. The idea that I will come home to him and our dogs. My office. My morning cup of coffee, overlooking at my new garden. Grow an actual garden. Watch him work on his car, play basketball. Ride around the culdesac. Learn to slow down and enjoy the slowness, the silence, the birds chirping, the rabbits. Life is so short. But it’s so complex and filled with so many chapters. And I never imagined how colorful, busy and exciting it was all going to be.

It’s all about perspective. Right? 

Buying a New Home

Home Sweet Home

Needless to say, I will be doing lots of DIYs projects that I will love to share with you guys! Make sure to subscribe for more updates on this amazing journey!