Some of us do not have the means to afford gorgeous suits. I’ve had the very embarrassing experience of holding an important role in a company but not being able to afford proper clothes at the beginning. While it is true that we should not “judge a book by its cover”, impressions do matter; Especially in a world that is ran by mostly men (sorry guys stats speak for themselves). Suit & Simple solves that problem and offers solutions for the ambitious woman on her way to inevitable success.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the owners of this new company. And I immediately fell in love with their vision and the impact they want to make in the lives of many women struggling to get great quality at a comfortable price.

Suit & Simple

Owners: Milly Wang and Rani Maiti


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Suit & Simple

FlukyPixels: Where are you guys located?
Milly and Rani: We’re still trying to decide on the best location! Right now, Toronto, but that’s subject to change potentially.

FlukyPixels: What is Suit & Simple?
Milly and Rani: Suit & Simple is dedicated to high-quality professional workwear for women at the best possible price.

Our mission is to empower women in the workplace by lowering the economic barrier that expensive suits pose. By making suits affordable, we hope to open doors and enable more women to own a suit of their own and land the jobs that they want.

FlukyPixels: How did you both come up with the idea of Suit & Simple?
Milly and Rani: The idea was born out of our personal struggles trying to find good quality, but affordable suits, as students who didn’t have a large budget. Suits are incredibly important for a lot of occasions, whether it may be interviews, internships, presentations, conferences, or other formal occasions. And in all these situations, dressing your best matters because first impressions count.

Having a poorly fitted suit (or no suit at all) could really ruin your chances of landing the job that you want. But of course, suits currently in the market are expensive. A blouse can easily cost $50, and once you add the cost of the skirt and blazer, that can run you upwards of $200 to $500. If you go cheaper, the material is poor, the garments are thin or see-through, and don’t have lining. And so, to solve this problem, we came up with a high-quality suit set, with a 100% cotton blouse and fitted blazer and skirt, both lined, for just $90.

FlukyPixels: Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?
Milly and Rani: We plan to expand into different colors and patterns. Right now, we’d like to be the go-to place for a lot of students and young professionals to get their first suit or add to their wardrobe, but eventually, we’d like to be the go-to place for all their suit needs.

FlukyPixels: What is the production process like? From start to finish.
Milly and Rani: If you’re interested in the process, I’d encourage you to visit our website at, where we go into detail on the process from figuring out the design to finding our suppliers. But in a nutshell, we come up with a design (all the measurements are mapped out) and we send it to our manufacturer. They come back to us with a sample based on our design, and we decide whether or not we want to make changes/revisions or if we’re happy with the product. Once we’ve finalized this, we determine the size of the order we want to place. The pieces take roughly a month or so to be made and all of the tags and the labels are made separately and added on.

Suit & Simple

FlukyPixels: What is your company’s edge?
Milly and Rani: Our goal is to make good quality suits at affordable prices. And we believe that is our edge. Quality for the best price.

FlukyPixels: Who is your type of customer?
Milly and Rani: Our customer is someone who deserves quality at an affordable price. It could be a student on a budget who can’t afford a more expensive suit set. It could be a young professional looking to make an addition to her wardrobe but doesn’t want to break the bank. It could be a savvy working woman who recognizes the benefits of being frugal and knows that she can spend what she saves on the suit on other parts of her life. The possibilities are endless!

FlukyPixels: Three things that make you guys different?
Milly and Rani:

1. We’re here with a mission to empower women, not just to make clothes or a profit.
2. Quality at the best price
3. Our suits are designed to be timeless and versatile. It’ll be in style 10 years, 20 years, even 50 years down the road. And you can mix and match each of the pieces with your existing clothes (watch our video: for some examples!)

FlukyPixels: What is customer service like? What tools do you provide for customers?
Milly and Rani: Rani and I check all of the emails personally. We’re here on a mission to empower women, and that’s why we take connecting with our customers incredibly seriously. Please feel free to email us with any questions and concerns via our website or through the general email ( You can even email us at our personal emails as well ( and We also welcome any feedback on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. We’re also live currently on Indiegogo as well, so please feel free to come and leave us a comment!

FlukyPixels: How do you market your product currently?
Milly and Rani: Right now, we’re live on Indiegogo: We’re taking pre-orders and raising funding to place our first order. Please come support us and join us in our mission by placing an order! Please also share with friends and family so that we can expand our reach and more people can benefit from our suits!

FlukyPixels: Any future opportunities for women entrepreneurs to push your brand?
Milly and Rani: We’d love to partner with women entrepreneurs! Please reach out to us and we’d love to see how we can work together. We’re constantly looking for ways to reach the people that would benefit from our products (because it’s hard to fulfill our mission of empowering more women if they don’t know that we exist!) and would love to work together with fellow women entrepreneurs to make that happen. We’re open to all possibilities.

FlukyPixels: How do we help Suit & Simple today to grow tomorrow?
Milly and Rani: Please support us today by placing an order at and by spreading the word to friends and family! We hope that you’ll join us on our mission to empower women in the workplace by making suits affordable. We really appreciate all of your love and support so far and hope that you’ll continue to engage with us and also let us know how we can improve. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas because together, we can become better and we’re always looking for ways to improve.

Suit & Simple

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