When I want to slow down the pace. . . especially in days when the sky is cloudy.

There’s nothing better than a soulfully and Jazzy joint. Llusion delivers. 

Birthed in late 2013, LLusion has strived to spread love, happiness, & inspiration through euphoric sound.
Due to his passion of creating music, he allows himself to not be boxed into a certain genre, as he goes about building grooves with several different rhythms of choice, ranging from jazz, soul, ambient, and an overall reflection of future beats.
Bassed in Orange County, LLusion generates an experience with a worldwide variety of listeners through his online uploads & live performances on a year round basis.​
As he continues, LLusion undertakes a consistent gift to the world of pulse providing tunes infused with a breath of fresh air.

I appreciate slowness just as much as I appreciate speed. I think the universe gave birth to opposites to bring forth a sort of balance. . . I think if you weren’t here on this Earth. . . mother Earth probably would have never given birth – to me. 

Check out his SoundCloud too.

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