When I found Sadie I fell hard for her cosplaying and modeling skills. You see I am a little bit of nerd.

And enjoy spending my time off playing video games, watching anime & visiting cons.Cosplaying requires huge amounts of creativity, time, and sacrifice. Sadie by Design is a blog that features Sadie’s passion for Cosplaying, modeling, and lifestyle. To top it off she’s an engineer! In this interview, we explore a little about what motivates her, her hobbies and advice for up and coming cosplaying and geek bloggers.

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Sadie’s Bio

Name: Sadie
Website: http://www.sadiebydesign.com/
Email: Sadiebydesign@gmail.com

Social Media Profiles:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/sadiebydesign
Twitter: @sadiebydesign
Pinterest: @sadiebydesign
Snapchat: @sadiemelissa



Behind Sadie by Design

FlukyPixels: Sadie, what made you get into Cosplay?
Sadie: It was 2014.I had finally gotten out of a relationship that was going nowhere. I was no longer focusing my energy on something that was a waste of time, and I was ready to find myself. This is when I realized would be the perfect time to pursue all of the hobbies that had been left by the wayside through college because unfortunately, other things had to take priority. Trying to find a time for endless hobbies seemed crazy: art, sewing, fashion design, graphic design, reading, photography, exercise… I stumbled upon cosplay by accident. It is the crazy hobby that ties all of my loves into one cohesive thought, and I have a true passion for it even four years later.

FlukyPixels: Tell us a little bit about Sadie by Design.
Sadie: A friend of mine from college writes Engineering in Style, and I loved how much her blog brought new opportunities to her as well as you could tell it really showed how much she was growing on a personal level through her blog posts. At the time, I thought I was being so original, which I’ve since learned that I was not (HA). This blog did, in a sense, give me the same personal growth that it gave my friend. My blog is my voice, my journal, my portfolio, and a way to encourage others to follow their passions.

FlukyPixels: In the next five years where do you see your brand?
Sadie: Honestly, this is going to sound a little crazy, but I hope that my brand has grown into a small business in the next five years. 

FlukyPixels: Who’s your favorite Character to Cosplay?
Sadie: This was a really hard question, but I would have to say Supergirl. I have done two (soon to be three) versions of her, and I don’t plan on stopping there. My original Supergirl cosplay will always have a special place in my heart because it is the first costume I ever made 100% by myself without help. I feel very empowered when I put this costume on, and that’s just something that you can’t put a price on.

FlukyPixels: What other hobbies or interests take up your time?
Sadie: EVERYTHING. Ok. Not really, haha, but if I had to narrow it down… I have a great group of friends that I give a lot of my time along with my fiance. We all really enjoy craft beer, wine, and good food. Running has finally become something I enjoy again rather than feeling like a chore, which is exciting for me. Traveling is something that I wish I could do more, but I love adventure and exploring new things. I am also a homeowner, and I love my little house.

FlukyPixels: I also noticed you have a YouTube channel also by the name of Sadie by Design, with really great edited videos, how do you do it?
Sadie: When I started my channel in early 2016 I wanted to do something outside my comfort zone. I would say I’m still really awkward on video, but I’ve learned to have fun with it; laugh at myself. It has been great for my charisma. My friend Logan helped me get my channel started with great video and editing skills, and he was a great teacher in the process. Because of him, I have learned how to do my own recording and editing (for the most part).

FlukyPixels: What is one advice you could share with Bloggers in your niche?
Sadie: The cosplay community is all about acceptance. Cosplay is for everyone. The best advice that I can give to other cosplay bloggers is to be positive. Encourage healthy relationships and positive attitudes. Be honest about your experiences without being cruel if they were less than desireable. And be yourself. Don’t try to be like every other blog you see because people want you for your uniqueness. The best thing you can do is stand out from the crowd.

FlukyPixels: What’s your favorite Con?
Sadie: This is such a hard question because no two cons are the same to me. Honestly, for the overall experience, I think I would have to say Dragon Con. This convention is a little more suited to adults than families, and since it is mainly within the host hotels it is like one big cosplay party. There is something for everyone. I really like that activities run 24 hours pretty much. They also host Night at the Aquarium at the Georgia aquarium, which is where I got engaged in front of the beluga whales last year. That might play a role in why this con takes the lead in best experiences.

FlukyPixels: So you are an Engineer by day. . . I have to ask: What does your typical day look like?
Sadie: My background is in Optical Engineering, which I earned a BS for from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 2012. My job is with fiber optics, no, not like the Christmas trees. While the Christmas trees are indeed fiber optic technology, that is such a small piece of fiber’s capabilities.

I work as an applications engineer meaning I work with the customer, commercial, and design teams to help create a product that is best suited for the market. So, I spend a lot of time working directly with our customers through the product development process to make sure that their needs are being met. I also spend time working on best installation practices and applications notes to make the use of our products easier. The products I work with are small. I went from field installable connectors, which are fiber connectors you can install on site rather than having it done in a factory before receiving your cable to now working with even smaller products that interface directly with the board (the electronics that make the internet work).

FlukyPixels: What motivates you?
Sadie: My passions motivate me. I am a very driven individual in general, but the things that set a fire in my heart really drive me beyond even what I think is possible. Sometimes I just get this light burning for something, and it’s crazy what one can accomplish when they feel so strongly about something. We all have our down days though, and I’m lucky to have a great fiance, loving family, and awesome friends who all support my crazy dreams. Their encouragement really pushes me even farther past where I believe I have boundaries.