Reanne Derkson is a pioneer in the arts of Self-Love, independence and the author of a motivational book called the Littlefoolbook.

There’s just so much great content that this girl is spitting out in her blog. I can’t even. #Savage – that’s what she is. And you know, maybe that’s what WE need nowadays. Especially when the cookie cutting media, is really overbaking the thought that WE are all being spewed out from the same mold. In my article 30 days to boost your self-confidence, I talk about ways to fight that feeling. Often times, this feeling is induced by media or even worse from the very people that we love. Enter: Reanne Derkson. She’s going places and she’s going to do some great things in her life and ours! Check out the interview below. empowers women to follow their passions and dreams. It is also a platform where, as a community, we inspire, educate and mentor others to find success in their careers, hobbies, or ventures. For more information regarding how we are doing this please click here

Reanne Derkson

Reanne’s Bio: 

Name: Reanne Derkson

Social Media Profiles:

Instagram – @littlefoolbook
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Twitter – @loveleighree


Behind the #Littlefoolbook

FlukyPixels: Hi Reanne! Three words that describe you as a person are:
RD: Thoughtful, Creative, Motivated

FlukyPixels: One Pet Peeve is:
RD: Clothing sizes. Don’t you hate when you go to try a pair of jeans on in your “usual size” and you can’t get them over your thighs? Or you pick up a “one size fits all” tee, only to find out that one size certainly does not fit all. Nevermind the actual pressure to be a certain “acceptable” number on a clothing tag.

I think the world might be a better place if we got rid of number sizes altogether and put things like unicorns and mermaids or hearts and peace signs on tags, so that the next time the fitting room attendant asked how things were working out, you wouldn’t feel personally attacked, and you could just say, “excuse me, mam, can I trade this unicorn for a mermaid?”

FlukyPixels: Where do you see your brand in the next 6 months?
RD: I started Littlefoolbook the blog, as a counterpart to the book I’m writing about growing up GIRL in a culture where beauty reigns supreme. I’ve just finished my manuscript, so in the next 6 months, I hope to partner with a literary agent, publish Littlefoolbook, and share it with the world.

In the meantime, I look forward to continuing to grow and cultivate this online community of empowered women through my blog and social media accounts. I post a lot about true beauty, self-love, and body positivity and it’s allowed me to connect with a lot of incredible babes around the world. Coming up, I have some exciting giveaways planned, inspiring one-on-one interviews, and of course, more of the same true and LOL-worthy content.

To join the littlefoolbook #GIRLGANG, go here. We like to have a good time.

FlukyPixels: Tell us about littlefoolbook:
RD: Littlefoolbook is both an actual written book that I’ve just finished the manuscript for, and it’s a blog.

Littlefoolbook — the book — is a collection of stories, essays, lists, letters, and learnings, exploring themes of beauty, vanity, and self-worth with humor and honesty. It’s a book about a girl (that’s me!) with nowhere to grow but up. A girl (me, again!) who learns to love herself despite beauty magazines; despite popular culture and a parade of bad boys, and men behind cameras, and boys who turned out not to be boys at all; despite a self-diagnosed and self-treated case of body dysmorphia and a flirtatious addiction to catcalls. It is a book about mothers and daughters, about love and sex and hair in unwanted places. It is a book about beginnings and endings, about creating new beginnings and rewriting your own ending.

It’s a self-proclaimed “Bad Feminist’s” manifesto, where no subject matter is off limits: eating disorders, diet pills, internet predators and more. Littlefoolbook is the companion I wished I’d had growing up. It’s a confessional of sorts, but also a manual for the other modern young adults like me who shouldn’t have to feel alone. Because we’re female and we’re in this together and sometimes the greatest happily-ever-after comes from falling in love with yourself, first.

Littlefoolbook — the blog — is the online counterpart and community that tackles major themes like self-love, beauty, and body-positivity with humor and unflinching honesty. I started the Littlefoolbook blog around the same time that I started writing the book because I felt I had a lot to say on the subject of modern beauty ideals and how they affect a girl’s coming of age in our western culture. The blog is a place to explore these modern day issues, topics, and questions that we as woman face on a daily basis.

Over the past year, it’s been incredibly exciting and inspiring to watch as the blog has grown into a real, flourishing community thanks to an amazing tribe of empowered women who visit, engage, and interact on a daily basis.

FlukyPixels: How did the Love Bomb Bootcamp idea come about?
RD: I’m so glad you asked! The incarnation of Littlefoolbook has led to so many incredible friendships, projects, and collaborations — Love Bomb Bootcamp being a BIG one.

When I met the #girlboss entrepreneurs behind Urban Alchemy (online, of all places), to put it quite bluntly…we hit it off. So much so, that after meeting IRL, we decided to collaborate and create something beautiful together. Their business focuses on spirited nutrition and loving yourself from the inside out, and Littlefoolbook, too, as you now know has a central theme of self-love.

The trouble, we discovered, is that while self-love as a concept is simple enough to understand, it doesn’t necessarily come easy in practice. So, our goal was to create a program that would kick start anyone’s self-love journey and lead them on a path of radical transformation and unconditional self-love.

Love Bomb Bootcamp is a 30-day online crash-course for the heart, mind, and soul. The end goal is self-love, self-acceptance, and self-celebration. Which, BTW, is way more powerful than any number on a scale.

FlukyPixels: Your spirit animal is?
RD: A unicorn, 100%.

FlukyPixels: How do you practice self-love on a daily basis?
RD: Self-love, for me, looks different every single day.

At the core of self-love as a practice is self-care, so I try to really look after myself and tune into what my heart, mind, and body need. Some days, loving myself means working out and going to yoga and drinking green smoothies and being hyper-productive. Other days, loving myself means allowing myself the time and space to rest, or unwind. It means Netflix and chill.  

Some days, self-love is tough love, other days it’s being gentle with myself and reciting mantras to my reflection in the mirror.

The thing I’ve learned most from writing Littlefoolbook and creating Love Bomb Bootcamp is that self-love is never just one thing. It’s constantly evolving, and in order for it to *work*, you have to be open to the evolution.

FlukyPixels: What is your current reader demographic?
RD: The hard numbers: 97% women, 18-35 years old. However, I do have some readers as young as 13 and as mature as 80 (I’m looking at you, grandma!).

FlukyPixels: And how do you cater it to it?
RD: Well, I’m 28 now (I was 25 when I started writing Littlefoolbook) and everything I write or publish online is based on my own experiences and is therefore really relevant to that 18-35 year old female demographic. Because I’m in it, RN.

The main way I “cater” to my readers is by being brutally honest, completely vulnerable, and saying out loud all the things I think most of us are thinking and feeling already.

FlukyPixels: You are a digital nomad! That excites us! Tell us a little about how you got there and where you are located now.
RD: Yes! I’ve been a digital nomad for about two years now. It all happened quite organically…though, if you must know, it started with a boy. Both my boyfriend and I are fortunate to be able to do all of our work from our computers (as long as there’s WIFI), so we’ve spent the last few years bouncing around and trying to experience as much of the world as we can. I just spent the last month in Victoria, BC, and now I’m living and working in Nelson, BC.

Next stop: who knows where! I’m kinda feeling Italy. 😉