A note for my readers: I’ve been writing this story for a while. I haven’t finished it nor posted it recently. I did have a small try out on one of my other sites. This is the first page or the Prelude to Chapter One.

Rattling chains were heard from deep inside this sacred place. It felt as if only the Gods knew of the location of this long-forgotten sanctuary. The sound of fabric moving slowly through the sandy floor blended with a deep hum which in turn gently echoed against the walls. From the crevices, gusts of winds started to gather at the center of this room. A loud sigh was heard and the other noises muted. One by one, the torches on the golden walls started lighting themselves.

Their light exposed ancient hieroglyphs – tales of a gatekeeper between the land of Gods and this one. Overflowing water was heard along with whispers coming from different voices, as if one by one, had awakened by the fire from the torches. In the middle of the room, a huge pool with dark waters was alive with activity – small geysers were shooting up, boiling bubbles, and vapor drifting up.

Then, a figure started forming from these waters. It had feminine curves, two elongated horns, and a long nose like that of a dog. Her arms were long and sturdy, her legs were strong and muscular – and just as the water had formed this being, it quickly dissolved and fell into the pool again. The chanting whispers were heard loudly. A giant bubble of water formed and levitated away from the pool onto the sand. As it floated in the air, smaller bubbles followed, until a head with dog features solidly formed, then the rest of the body: the torso, the shoulders, the legs, the paws were formed. The eyes of this animal were the color of the sun, cold and calculating. There were chains wrapped around its neck made of gold with their ends dragging on the floor. She wore gold cuffs on the ankles, decorated with rubies and emeralds. Slowly the animal started to walk forward shaking the remaining water off her fur.

She ran out of the room, through different winding paths, hundreds of tombs, and chambers. The strength and power of this creature were evident with each stride it made, as the muscles constricted and adapted to the floor underneath. The light of the sun started to peak through from afar. She slowed her pace as it reached the entrance to this temple. She exited gracefully as if she finally had arrived at a destination assigned to her, centuries ago. She was now standing at the edge of a structure so immense it could have very well been made by giants or maybe by the Gods themselves. The gusts of winds that gathered before seemed to have subsided and only gently caressed her nose.

From afar, the sky cradled two celestial bodies: One was red and the other silvery blue, an ocean of stars swarmed the view. A violet light of the expiring sun, divided the sky from the land that succumbed to an arid and vast landscape, full of dunes and sands that have mercilessly take the lives of those who have trodden them carelessly.