I don’t know about you guys but I am a little bit obsessed with the income reports bloggers post.
Especially with those that state that they have earned $10,000 or more a month! I still work full time. And have to stretch my day to make sure I am doing the work to increase views. Anyways, I started Fluky Pixels back in March with absolutely no direction. Then, I stopped because I moved and we purchased a house. In the midst of DIY projects and outlets that were not grounded, I had to pause content creation for my blog. But in July I started back up again, full throttle. I applied a lot of the things I’ve learned thanks to other bloggers and I finally had some revenue coming in. So here’s my July’s Income Report.

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Disclaimer. Thank you for supporting my dream of blogging and entrepreneurship. 

Income Report July

My Humble but Proud July Income Report


Awin: $5

Amazon Affiliates: $0

Linqia: $0

ShareASale: $0

Commission Junction: $0

CoSchedule: $0

Awin applied the $5 I had to pay to register towards my commission. So even if you have to pay those $5 to enter you will get it back once you start making affiliate sales. I am currently signed up with Etsy and I am waiting for approval for Intrepid Travel. Needless to say, I’d like to join programs that fit my brand. And, I have seen a lot of bloggers have a lot of success with this program. If you want to sign up for AWIN you can click here. I highly recommend starting with this one as it has a variety of companies that you can work with. On top of that, for every person,  you can get a $30 commission. Bottom line, I am highly confident that AWIN will be one of my stronger affiliate revenues. (Don’t have a blog? You can Use AWIN with your YOUTUBE channel too!)


Google Adsense: $41.44

Income Report

So this is a two part thing I really want to go in depth with you guys.

My Google Analytics Report on how I went from Zero to over 3k views in less than 30 days will go over that. I still cannot believe it. And even though I made less than $50 I feel like the increase of views was extremely significant and cannot be overlooked.

VA Services:

1 Client: $100

Before I started blogging, I never thought I would end up becoming a VA. But, throughout my research, I stumbled upon many people that included VA and additional services they started offering through their blog. I knew from the very beginning, one of my biggest challenges was going to be figuring out What Services or Products to offer my readers.

In one of the many, many, MANY FaceBook groups I have joined there was someone who was looking for VAs. I had bookmarked the page and when I started blogging again, I simply reached out and told the OWNER of the company I wanted to be an entrepreneur one day. Basically, I wanted to have my own revenue, from my own brand and I needed experience in social media, and everything and anything that had to do with the Virtual world.

As I was writing this post I realized that the payment I got today of $100 was thanks to the networking I’ve been doing through FaceBook Posts & Blogging. So I decided to add this additional $100 to my Income Report.


As you can see I made a total of $146.44 from blogging on my first month. Blogging has opened up many opportunities that I never even thought of prior to getting this idea. I look forward to seeing my blog grow as time passes by.

Here are my goals for August:

  1. Learn a little more about Affiliate Marketing and how I can apply it to my blog.
  2. Continue featuring Creatives of the Week.
  3. Increase my Pinterest Following by 300.
  4. Increase my Blog Views by 6000.
  5. Increase my Client Count in VA.
  6. Get my First Affiliate Marketing Sale.
  7. Increase my Pinterest Click Through Rate.
  8. Increase my Subscribers from 71 to 100.
  9. Increase my earnings through GoogleAdsense to an additional $50.
  10. Start Earning through Media.net ads.
  11. Increase my Instagram Following and Interaction 2500 and 30 comments on average.
  12. Increase Twitter to 200 followers.

I am really so excited for what’s to come. This income report is going to be one of many! I hope to be able to help as many bloggers as I can while I am learning too.

Lots of things happening guys!