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Julie is the owner of Aloha Lovely and one of the very first bloggers I met since opening my blog. As you may already know, is about women empowerment, entrepreneurs, #girlbosses, and successful women. And Julie Estrella is all of the aforementioned adjectives. She is the owner of a gorgeous blog & a shop with beautiful summer fashion & accessories called Aloha Lovely. And She hopes that in the next year her brand is one of the top go-to brands in Hawaii. You can check out her guest post here on


Aloha Lovely


Name: Julie Estrella
Website: and
Social Media Profiles: IG: @alohalovelyhawaii FB: @alohalovelyhawaii Pinterest: alohalovelyhi
Twitter: @julieestrella



FlukyPixels: Hi Julie! In three words, how do you describe yourself?
JE: Creative, Ambitious, and Sarcastic

FlukyPixels: I was reading your “about me” section, and it said you were from Boston, what made you move to Hawaii?
JE: My husband was active duty military and we were assigned to Hawaii back in 2009. We loved living here but were unfortunately reassigned a few years later. When my husband decided to retire, we knew we wanted to move back to the aloha state. And It’s now been 4 years since we moved back.

FlukyPixels: How did “Aloha Lovely” come to be?
JE: I really needed a space to be creative for myself. Even though, I work full-time at an ad agency in Honolulu where we are constantly coming up with creative for our clients. Aloha Lovely started as a simple blog writing about things I was passionate about: design, style, Hawaii and my family.

FlukyPixels: 3 off-the-beaten path places in Hawaii are:
JE: 1. Polo Beach in Waialua. An amazing North Shore beach that is wildly beautiful and free of crowds.
2. Coquitos Restaurant in Waianae. An awesome Puerto Rican restaurant on the west side.
3. Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail. A hike on the east side with stunning landscape views.

FlukyPixels: 3 off-the-beaten path places in Boston are:
JE: It has been a long time since I lived in the Boston area. That being said, here are a few places just outside the city that I remember from years ago.
1. Breakheart Reservation Trails. For hiking when I was a kiddo.
2. Salem Willows. Old arcade park, funky, dirty and fun.
3. Richardson’s Dairy and Mini Golf. Ice cream and putt-putt.

FlukyPixels: What is your passion?
JE: I feel like I have a lot of passions. First: My two little girls. Being a good mama to them is my ultimate passion. Second: Whatever inspires me at any given time. Aloha Lovely is a melding of my passions I think. It shifts, molds and adjusts depending on what I am experiencing. Design, photography, fashion, art, exploring…its all there.

Julie Estrella

About Aloha Lovely and Shop Aloha Lovely

FlukyPixels: Tell me a little bit about your Aloha Lovely shop. What makes it different from other shops?
JE: I knew from the beginning I wanted to design items to integrate with the Aloha Lovely brand. And I pretty much design things that I would wear or purchase with the hope that someone else might like it too. Right now it’s more of a complement to the blog. I’m playing around a lot with different designs and products to see what feels right. Basically, I feel like I am always “searching” for something in my head that doesn’t exist, so why not just create it yourself.

FlukyPixels: Your Blog is gorgeous and easy on the eye, what is your process when coming up with posts?
JE: Thank you so much! I think the biggest element for me in blog design is the photography. In fact, I am so much of a visual person that any story I tell needs to have a healthy amount of imagery. Also, I try to balance the content in a way that is easy to digest for the reader. Besides, I am also an art director by trade so I look at it through a certain kind of lens as well.

FlukyPixels: If you had only 3 sentences to describe your blog, what would they be?
JE: Explore and dream. Discover island adventure. Be inspired to create.

FlukyPixels: Where do you see “Aloha Lovely” in the next year?
JE: I hope Aloha Lovely continues to grow and becomes a go-to Hawaii lifestyle brand. I am excited to add more items to the Shop as well as create a steady stream of content that gives readers great value and a glimpse into my little Island life..