Interview Clothes

The following are some notes for your interview to keep in mind. Even as an entrepreneur, you will need to develop this skill. You should be fully prepared to give confidence to your client or employer in their decision of hiring you. I am a huge fan of the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Because we all have multiple layers that make up our personalities. However, as humans, we are visual creatures. In fact, half of the human brain is devoted to processing visual information. For this reason, you should always plan ahead of time for your next interview. Impressions do matter in this case and most of the time you only get one chance to leave a lasting one.

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What to Wear for an Interview:

There’s nothing wrong with putting a touch of your personality but it’s best to go with solid colors, feminine pumps and light makeup and light perfumes.


Blouses should be made of light fabrics since most of the time you will wear a blazer over them. If you we are no sleeve blouses make sure you to wear a blazer or a tunic over. Business etiquette dictates that no sleeve blouses may be appropriate for your interview as well as day to day.


Blazers are a great compliment to any outfit. You can wear it with skirts, slacks, and even jeans for Casual Friday. You should have at least three Blazers in your closet: black, blue and gray. They can run a little expensive. Just remember your business wardrobe is an investment.

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Bottoms do not have to match the exact color of your blouse or blazer. There are a lot of mix and match combinations you can use. High waisted slacks and loose slacks are definitely a staple. But you can also wear a pencil skirt with your blazer and blouse.

Quick Tips to Nail Your Interview

  1. Do a thorough research of the company or client you are interviewing with.
  2. Bring 3 copies of your resume.
  3. Bring a note pad and something to write with.
  4. Make sure you write notes during the interview.
  5. Prepare questions for the interviewer. Some really good questions are: “What three skills do you look for in a candidate?” and follow up with why you fit these three skills. “What excites you the most about working for this company?” and follow up with what stood out to you the most during your research. 
  6. Take your time when answering the questions, do not feel rushed.
  7. Spruce up on your self-confidence skills. I wrote 30 ways you can boost it up in this article.
  8. Remember to always be yourself.
  9. Don’t ask nor disclose subjects that are too personal.
  10. Feel confident that you were chosen to be interviewed for one or multiple reasons!


What to wear for an interview


What are some tips that you guys have learned throughout your career that have helped you nail your next client or job?