Before I started blogging and writing as a freelancer I had no idea what SEO meant. SEO knowledge is one of the first things you should get yourself acquainted with as an online writer. You can have the best kind of content, but if you don’t optimize correctly, it will never get to your organic readers. This is one of many common mistakes a lot of new freelance writers make. And it can also discourage you as a lot of freelance websites ask for this kind of knowledge.

Many businesses and people use WordPress as their online platform. In this post, we are going to take a look at five different, easy to use SEO plugins. You don’t need to be an expert to use these plugins or to optimize your site and content.



I personally love this free plugin. In simple terms, this plugin allows you to enter one keyword you want to trend for and then it analyzes your entire post based on that keyword. This plugin has helped me tons in understanding what elements are important for my optimization. For example, making sure that there are internal and external links, keyword density, image optimization etc. Hint: A lot of these terms will be challenge questions in interviews with UP WORK employers. If you have a hard time with getting your Pinterest verified you can do it through this nifty little plugin too!


One of the best things about the All in One SEO Pack plugin is that it submits your sitemaps to Google and Bing. If there’s one thing you most definitely want to do is submit your sitemaps to as many search engines as possible. Through this plugin, the submission is fairly easy. It was first developed in 2007 and more than 3 million users rely on this plugin to make sure that meta tags are placed correctly.


If sitemaps is a term that eludes you and you are like me a year ago, and just did it because a pretty Pin told you to, then this is the best starting point for you. This plugin will help your site get crawled by not only Google and Bing but also Yahoo and too! The more crawls the better! And it also notifies each engine every time you’ve made an update to the site.


I am super obsessed with my Google Analytics lately! I check it at least twice a day after reaching my goal of 6k views per month! This plugin allows you to link Google Analytics and your WordPress and be able to see the stats in your WordPress dashboard. I recommend looking into Google Analytics further and playing around its variety of useful reports when you get a chance.


Google does not like Broken links in your site. Broken links occur when the content no longer exists (if you deleted a page or post) or if you moved content around. After months worth of content, it can be hard to keep track of all those links! This plugin also looks for missing images. Once they are found you will be able to start fixing those issues so that your site becomes more attractive to Google.