YouTuber Extraordinaire

If you are anywhere in the social media world, you probably already heard about Casey Neistat. He is one of the most famous YouTubers out there. A lot of up and coming creators (including myself) look up to his creativity and cinematic skills. I think one of his most successful videos is the one that was released in June of 2011.  He criticized the NYPD for ticketing cyclist of NYC. This video was covered by the New York Magazine and many other mainstream media.

A lot of people have criticized Casey Neistat for selling his company Beme to CNN. In my opinion, I think it was mostly because of all the media outrage that was going on. We were all curious to know what his next step was going to be. After all, he is the YouTuber that revolutionized Vlogging and has inspired a wave of lifestyle, sports, fashion, and daily vlogs.

The Power of Inspiration

On one of his most recent videos “Do What you Can’t”, he gives us a taste of what we miss the most about Casey Neistat since he stopped Vlogging earlier this year. The first eight seconds builds tail wagging suspense as Casey is dangling off a helicopter. And then he starts: “To the Haters. . . . to my seventh-grade vice-principal”. You can’t get more personal than that. It opens your heart and ears, eyes and imagination to a rollercoaster full of blunt-ass truths about life and one very enticing challenge: “Do what you can’t”. He then goes to further explain what influencers, creators, vloggers, blogging, and creative people are doing out here with examples of all different types of YouTubers, from Philip DeFranco to Superwoman (the first YouTube Comedian I fell in love with).

The fear of doing what you love starts with being told either by your inner voice or someone else that you can’t. The key to happiness is pursuing your passion. Your passion guides your ambition, creativity, resourcefulness. Challenges become entertainment for your heart, and then, all of the sudden there’s not enough time in the day to do everything, but in a good way.  So to you, who are reading this right now, the entrepreneur, the artist, the painter, poet, the artisan, chef, vlogger, YouTuber, web designer, freelancer, no matter in what step of your adventure you are in, remember: Don’t limit yourself by allowing outside forces to dictate the powerful wave that YOU are. Continue. Work hard for it. And have confidence in yourself. Because like Casey says, “In this world, no one knows anything”.
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