I love Pinterest! There are so many ideas out there that I want to try out since becoming a new home owner. However, my main focus right now is my office. After all, this where the magic happens!> For my new home office, I wanted to do an Ikea Hack that was both cheap and easy to do. Although FlukyPixels.com is about DIYs & Cooking Recipes also, I have to be honest – I am horrible at Arts & Crafts!

On my Pinterest, I have boards based on each room in the house. And on my Studio Set-Up Board, I had a couple of L-shaped desk hacks that I was looking into. One specific tutorial stood out to me the most: The Ikea Linnmon Mega Corner Desk.

Ikea Hack

For this particular desk, the total cost was around $113. So, I purchased all the materials needed as described in the instructions. However, I chose the smaller Linnmon countertop. The cool thing about IKEA is that you can actually mix and match tabletop and legs to make the perfect combination for your room.

My Home Office Wish List

My IKEA HACK Version of the L-Shape Desk

This version actually doesn’t require the long boards that are used as braces on the original hack. In fact, the only drilling you need to do is putting the legs on the desk. The reason behind this is because the Linnmon Countertops that we used are way smaller than the ones he did. Mines was 39 3/8 x 23 5/8 ” and only cost me $8.99 each. His cost $29.99 each and the dimensions were 150x75cm. My three countertops cost me less than 1 of his!

Also, we actually did purchase the boards that are supposed to be used as braces. But I decided that it wasn’t necessary because I didn’t want my monitor in the corner. After putting the legs on each table, we brought them up to my office. I have to admit that there are some slight gaps between each table. So what we are going to do is buy flat brackets to stick them together.

I also purchased a white fluffy rug from IKEA to give my gorgeous wooden floors a pop of white and two cute copper lamps for my desk. At the last minute, I purchased the LACK table for $7.99 and it fits perfectly underneath the table. I placed my Printer and Shredder and Trash bin under – and it fits perfectly!

Ikea hack

I purchased (IKEA HAUL):

  • 3 LINNMON Counter Tops from IKEA: 39 3/8 x 23 5/8 at $8.99/each
  • 12 ADILS Legs from IKEA: at $4.99/each
  • White Rug TEJN from IKEA: at $14.99
  • 2 JANSO Copper Lamps from IKEA: $12.99
  • 1 LACK table from IKEA: at $7.99

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So there it is! May not be much of an IKEA hack now that I think about it but I absolutely love it! I spent a total of $75 for the desk/work area. Not too shabby right? I still have much to do in this room – one of the biggest goals is to paint the wood panels white. What are you guys currently working on?

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