Busy Girl Beauty Routine

Even before the alarm goes off your mind is already buzzing, filled with numerous plans, errands and items to check off your list and the only thing you pray for is to get through the day with all the obligations checked off the list. Of course, your plate for the following day is just as full, if not fuller.

Does this ring a bell? If you’re this girl, you don’t have the time to bother with silly little things like a twelve-step skin care routine, let alone experiment with the perfect eyeliner wing. However, even the busiest of girls deserve to look their best when they’re conquering the day, and that’s exactly why we’re here today, to give you the skinny on how to simplify your skincare and beauty routine without sacrificing an awe-worthy look, so let’s hop to it.

A plan will save the day


The last thing a girl with a hectic schedule needs is a hectic makeup table, so find the time and organize your stuff. Buy beauty product organizers and keep everything in one place. That way you’ll never have to go scouting for your everyday beauty products scattered across the entire apartment, and that will save you precious time in the morning, and you know every second is valuable.


Essentials are essentials

The good news is you don’t need a multi-step skin care regimen to look your best. Minimalism is a busy girl’s best friend. So, all your mornings really need is a great face wash and moisturizer. Whatever you do, never skip on moisturizer. Hydration is the key to a healthy and radiant skin, not to mention that without it, no amount of makeup will sit right. This is definitely a step you don’t want to skip.

Now, before you head out, you need a touch of magic to give your skin the boost it craves, and that boost is to be found in a great serum. There is an abundance of reasons why serums should become an integral part of your skincare routine, but the most important one is the fact that they can contain up to 70% of active ingredients, which essentially makes a serum your ticket to fresher, younger, healthier, firmer and line-free skin. One of the best possible serums you can hope to find is the Hydrating Serum by Aspect skin care, not only because it tends to sensitive skin, but it also locks in moisture and hydrates your skin all day. Once you have this on, you’re safe and sound.

A quick touch-up

Once your skin is prepped and primed (and in just three easy steps) it’s time for some quick but effective makeup. Luckily, the no-makeup trend has been ruling both the runways and the streets, and for a good reason. It’s easy to achieve and it gives you an instant beauty boost. The goal is to quickly enhance your best features and here’s how to go about it.

Ok, now that you’re all set in the nourishing department, it’s time to play with a hint of makeup. Brush and fill in the brows. Smack some lip gloss to bring out the natural plumpness of the lips, or go for your favorite nude shade that suits your skin tone and is easy to apply.  BB creams and tinted moisturizers are the best way to bring out your natural glow, and you can top things off with a gentle rosy blush or a touch of creamy highlighter. A touch of mascara and a hint of a shimmery pearly beige eyeshadow across the lid and in the inner corner to open and freshen the eyes. Ok, you’re good to go and with time to spare.

Nighttime is your time

Once the day is over it’s time to wash the city off your face. Since you’re a busy gal, your best choice is to take a cue from skin care minimalists and go for a three-step nighttime routine. The evening calls for a double cleanse, so remove the makeup with a gentle cleanser first and then head to the bathroom and put your face wash to work.

Now, in order to be able to rise and shine and get ready in a jiffy in the morning, you need one more helper, and its name is retinol. This magical vitamin A derivative fosters collagen production while you get your well-deserved rest and enables you to get up and do your quick and easy morning routine without a blemish in sight.  


This post was originally written by Amy Mia Goldsmith for FlukyPixels.com