About Me

. . . Now that we’ve gotten the somewhat technical aspects of Fluky Pixels out of the way, let me introduce myself. (if you jumped straight into this page, you can go to this one to check out what Fluky Pixels is all about).

My name is Emely, you can call me Emy. I am in my late twenties, have a passion for a lot of different things that somehow may not immediately connect with each other but they connect through me. Does that sound relatable? I used to be a rebel during my teenage years and that spice has continued to stay with me in one way or another. I am extremely driven, creative, and borderline hyperactive, I hate staying stuck in one place and am always looking to make the ordinary, colorful and inspiring. I am also an entrepreneur if you haven’t noticed that already – Self-taught WordPress fiend.

I was born in Costa Rica, a small Central American country full of flavor and great people. I am not kidding about this. I love traveling to new places. My bucket list includes Japan, France, Italy, China, Egypt, Guatemala, Aruba & Peru. I am putting this in here so that I can hopefully start crossing things off soon.

I hold that nerd flag up with pride! I love anime, video games, science, and techy things. I’m in my prime when I am sitting in front of my gaming rig playing MMOs, SIMS or Survival games (Banished anyone?!).

I also love fashion that screams uniqueness and a little bit of weirdness. Because a little bit of weirdness never hurt nobody plus I find it to be sexy!

And I love wine – I wouldn’t put it past me if I become a sommelier one day. A Loser’s Guide to Wine is an ongoing series that was born out of that passion, you can start on the first post here.

Fluky Pixels came to me in an attempt to bring all these interests together on one platform to share with you all. I think inspiration and the verb inspire are part of a cyclical and reciprocal concept.

For business inquiries including content creation, media kits or publishing please contact me.