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Fluky Pixels is a smart & quirky lifestyle blog focused on women entrepreneurship, creativity, travel and the pursuit of happiness.

It’s also about encouraging you to think outside the box.

And motivate you to accept & embrace differences.

And To be inspired.

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My name is Emely and I am so happy you stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. They say that “About Me” sections are super important since it makes up the foundation of your online presence. But I have a hard time explaining into limited amounts of words who I am. So, If there’s one thing I hope for is that you can feel as inspired as I am to seek out happiness in the form that is true to you.
That being said. . .

Most of all my blog is about Women Empowerment, Leadership Skills, Career Advice, Travel Guides, DIYs Projects and Cooking Disasters.

So sit back, join me for coffee.


E. Roman