About the featured image: “The Chubby Mermaid” by Tracy Noce.


When days and nights become the same thing, when the days seem like months, and years pass by without being able to fly like you dreamt of – and every single pain you endure seems to be covered by injustice – know, that none of that will destroy you. Put aside an hour a day to prepare yourself for tomorrow, pick a nice outfit, practice your makeup and how to walk in heels, smile in the mirror, and hold your head up high. Practice all of it. And when the sun rays hit your eyelids in the morning, stretch, and take deep breaths, holding the moment deep inside your gut as if it was a hidden treasure, because the future is not guaranteed.

Time is a cruel reality. But, it never defeated you and neither did those discouraging words that came from those that you loved the most – and yes, love is still the strongest emotion in your womb and the one that makes you proud of being how and who you are. And to be honest, I’m still trying to get to know myself so don’t rush. Don’t rush. Rather, learn to think and feel in synchronicity. Because thought and emotion were given to us to change the world around us and it is our responsibility to be able to find balance between both.

Be proud of where you come from – the little cul-de-sac hidden between rivers and jungles, dangling on hills and mountains, under a blue sky and a sun that nowadays seemed to have been a beautiful dream. That soil, fertilized naturally, grew delicious fruits – our generation is proud and strong and you have an obligation to think selfishly – to better yourself and hold your country high while drifting around the world, for everyone to see your leathered skin and strong smile, and those curves that come from the forests – like a mystical creature, conjure the magic that only you can conjure, enchant with your innocence, and your yearning for peace, because that’s how your country raised you.

And never be afraid of saying what you feel even when it seems that you are the only one feeling. Your legs are strong, they will walk you many more miles and will carry lots of weight – your heart beats loudly today – your fears cloud that beautiful song.

If this letter gets to you know that I fell in love with who you are: That strange, quiet girl – with loud laughter, gentle smile, small hands, & intelligence for days. You can do everything you set your mind to. You elusive, enchanting mermaid.