Costa Rica is for anyone, whether you are the backpacker or you’re the most demanding luxury-seeking person in your circle. Beyonce, the Kardashians, and many other A-listers have booked a ticket to Costa Rica to get a taste of paradise and for very good reasons. Costa Rica is known for its diversity of flora and fauna, beautiful beaches, jungles, thermal waters and people. Here are 6 reasons why you should start planning your next trip to Costa Rica:

1.      It’s not your typical Touristy Place

This is not South Beach, ok? Costa Rica is a small country with super friendly people that hold life before work & family as their core value. Its main religion is Catholicism and their favorite sport is Soccer or “Futbol”. Education is very important and health care is inexpensive. If you want to get away from the rush madness, Costa Rica needs to be at the top of your list for being adaptable to your vacation needs as well as budget friendly. Don’t let those hawkers get you, especially if you are in the coastal towns!

la-fortuna-costa-rica  volcan-miravalles-parque-nacional-costa-rica Costa Rica House 

2.      Luxuries Abound

Yes, there are paradisiacal locations in Costa Rica. And there are 4-5 star hotels, retreats, Yogi Camps, Volcanic Hotels, condominiums, etc. You will not be disappointed. If the amenities don’t get you, the warm and welcoming service sure will. After all, Costa Ricans or Ticos, are all about making you feel part of the family and are super detailed oriented by nature.  Hotel Tamarindo Diria, is a perfect example of beautiful amenities, manicured gardens, Oceanview fronts, and perfect location. It almost seems like the town grew around it.

Costa Rica

3.      San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is divided into seven different provinces. Each province comes with its own set of customs and flavors. San Jose can be cold in certain areas with higher elevations, and center city is very much busy and transited. If you are in San Jose, make sure you stop by the malls as well as the Mercado Central, which gives you a taste of the local cuisine. You can purchase fresh vegetables and meats, as well as get beautiful leathered and clay souvenirs.

Costa Rica

4.      Guanacaste

Guanacaste is located North and is a very dry and hot place. It is also home to the best beach towns in Costa Rica, including Tamarindo, Flamingo & Samara. If this is your first time visiting Costa Rica, I recommend visiting the Golden Coast first. It has everything you can ask for: beaches, jungles, volcanoes, farms, beach towns, nightlife, hot springs, rivers, etc. at just a few hours away from each other. Liberia is the main city of Guanacaste and it’s where the second airport is located. There are direct flights from the U.S. straight into Liberia.

5.      The Jungles & The Rainy Season

The Rainy season makes every flower bloom and spews abundance of life and of course, rain. You should travel during the Rainy Season if you are into exploring jungles, going to the top of volcanoes, bird-sighting and much more. Certain areas accommodate the Rainy Season activities better than others. I recommend traveling to the South of Costa Rica and if you have time pay a visit to Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Costa Rica Jungle

6. The Beaches & The Dry Season

For a lot of us, December is our favorite month. December in Costa Rica is excellent for great parties, carnivals, bonfires by the beach, and dancing! And December is part of the Dry Season, meaning you can enjoy warm summer nights, breezy afternoons by the ocean, and starry skies. You will be working on your tan while your boss is bundled up on his way to the office. Some of the best places to celebrate NYE in Costa Rica are Jaco, Puerto Viejo, Tamarindo, San Jose & Playas del Coco.

Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica is inexpensive. You can find Economy plane tickets for around $300. Skyscanner is able to find the best/cheapest rates to fly to Costa Rica. AirBnB, hostels, and apartments are in every city in Costa Rica and are an inexpensive way to find a place to crash. If you liked this guide make sure you subscribe to Fluky Pixels for more Costa Rica & Travel Guides.