Self-Confidence is a mindset and a skill that needs to be constantly exercised in our daily life in order to be successful at it. Also, It is similar to exercising your body, maintaining a healthy diet and hygiene.

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In fact, the last three are considered both consequences and factors in what I believe to be a cyclical and healthy mentality. There are many ways to improve your Self-Confidence. Below are some suggestions that you can start out on your own:


The Physical

Grooming – Upkeeping is very important. Not only does it maintain your hygiene but also you feel confident that you are nice & clean. Brushing your teeth, combing your hair and hydrating your skin are a few examples of grooming that you should practice every day.

Get Prepared – Plan a day ahead to stay ahead of the game. In fact, use this mantra in every aspect of your life. From meal prepping (healthy and saves you money) to planning your outfit for the next day are examples of being prepared. This also keeps stress away.

Dress nicely – If you start planning ahead, you have the advantage of making sure you look polished for that next life-changing meeting. So don’t cheat yourself from looking your best!

Stand Tall – Oh Boy do I have a problem with this one! I have horrible posture. In fact, I am correcting it as I am typing this up. For you who sits most of the time in front of the computer, make sure you practice good posture. As you walk straight, your body accentuates. And plus, you look way more confident that way!

Smile – Smile even when you don’t want to. Smiling at the face of obstacles shows a subconscious realization of strength. Such strength is contagious in every small action that you take.

Exercise – The dreaded “E” word! I know, I know. It’s easier said than done. We got to write some blog posts, finish up some market research, update our profiles. Also, we have to cook and take care of our family. Find a time to do it. Be active. Take public transportation if it’s feasible, walk those blocks. And if you are like me, who HATES the gym – find other ways: ride a bike, swim, sign up for dance classes.

Learn to Breathe – I absolutely live by this! I suffer from Depression and General Anxiety Disorder. Breathing correctly is imperative to have control over your illogical thoughts. When things are not going your way, you can step back, recall the breathing exercises and regain control over your mind.

30 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

The Mental

Think positive – Easier said than done (AGAIN). Positive thoughts manifest into action and through your surroundings. Keeping a journal helps practice this skill. And don’t be afraid of being overly positive. The more success you want in your life the more you have to invite it into your life. Write To The Point: How To Write To The Universe, is a 32-page book that talks exactly about this.

Kill Negative Thoughts – Once you begin to think positive, breathe correctly, you can start catching red flags. Low self-esteem can come in quickly & try to destroy your self-confidence but thankfully it does have its sure-tale warnings. So, you can start overcoming it.

Act Positive – Think and Act go right in hand. For example say, you didn’t get that promotion you wanted really bad. Well, there’s most definitely a reason why you didn’t get it. Acting positively: Congratulate the colleague that received the promotion instead of you, wholeheartedly and genuinely. Wish good upon others because God always has a plan for you.

Change Perspective – Realize that in every negative there is a positive. Grasp that understanding. Even in death, there is positivity and light. If there are things that you don’t really like about yourself, learn to change the perspective of those things. I used to have an overlapped tooth, for which I paid braces. My husband told me he missed that about me and was one of the things he enjoyed most about my smile.

Love is the absence of Judgement – You will make mistakes. And that is a fact. Don’t put yourself down when this happens. Instead, take note of your shortcomings and turn that knowledge into strength. Don’t let self-judgement hamper your self-confidence.

External & Surroundings

Be Kind & Generous – I am a firm believer that when you give you are blessed ten fold. But aside from that, kind words & actions can warm any heart. And what’s not to want?

Volunteer – There’s nothing greater than bringing a smile to someone’s face, or changing someone’s life, or helping someone in their time of need. matches with volunteer organizations around your area. There are so many causes waiting for your hand!

Be Grateful – And just like it’s great to help others, you will find that in this life we also need help. Learn to accept that help and be appreciative. Try to not forget the small details nor the simple gestures. And always say “thank you”.

Work for a Cause, not for Applause – This is very important! Work to do your best and be your best. Not so that others can praise your work. If you are confident of your effort, I assure you that commendations, praises and all that good stuff will come your way. But don’t work for those things. Rather do your best as part of your nature, identity.

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Surround yourself with Love – Take toxic relationships, both personal and professional out of your life. Jealousy and envy are two very real problems. Surround yourself with people that will motivate you and encourage you to succeed. And that love you no matter your shortcomings.

Love others – Although, you may say: “Not everyone deserves my love”. I believe you can love others in such a way that it reflects back into you. Being kind and generous, volunteering and being grateful are all parts of showing that love.


Know your Principles – Principles are the foundation of who you are. Your beliefs. They are the core of your being and will be the basis of your thoughts.

Speak Slowly – Speaking slowly gives you the advantage of having the thorough confidence of what you are saying. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who’s confidence is evident in her words.

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Increase or Learn a New Skill – This one is very simple. Learn a new language, how to sew, draw or paint. Make yourself an asset. Self-confidence can be gained through the acquisition of new knowledge.

Self-confidence can be gained through the acquisition of new knowledge.

Set Short Term Goals – The future is never guaranteed. And while it’s great to have long term goals, short term goals are what keeps us focused. I have some difficulty in this area. I tend to fail sometimes at my long term goals because I didn’t draw out my short term goals. Both should overlap each other.

Focus on Solutions – This is part of being positive. I used to have a hard time letting go of things. When I was younger I was traumatized. I would reiterate the past in my mind and relive the pain over, and over. One day,  I decided to seek a therapist to start understanding that side of me.

Clean/Organize your living area – I don’t know about you but a clean space makes me feel great and at peace with myself. I try to ALWAYS do my bed before I leave out to work.

Challenge Yourself – Whether it’s increasing your gym time or doing the 100DaysofBloggingChallenge like I am doing. Do something challenge. If you don’t quite make it, don’t beat yourself over it. You definitely learned something.

Keep a journal – What made you feel good today? Or what made you feel sad? What things triggered those emotions. Keeping track of your day-to-day will allow you to better understand yourself.

Read Self-Help Books – I am DIYer. I like to learn how to do things myself as much as possible. Which sometimes can get in the way of me asking for help. I love reading through and reading self-help books can be super inspiring. One of the books I can’t recommend enough is Feeling Good – The New Mood Therapy by David B. Burns, M.D. You’d be surprised at how amazing the mind can be and how strong you are as a person. Check out the book below:

Check out this YouTube Channel – This is another personal one! Please make sure you check out this channel. The School of life is a great Philosophical YouTube Channel, with great points and thoughtful ideas. The School of Life.

Change a Small Habit – Challenge yourself by making positive changes in your life. Want to stop drinking less coffee? Drink more water? How about some whitening strips or even afternoon tea at your favorite shop. Take control of your life and do the things that will make you feel happy.

Clean out your Closet – Organize your wardrobe and get rid of the clutter. Purchase things that tend to the type of day that you typically have. For me, I should have mostly office attire, for example. Make it easier for you to have a vision of the person that you want to be.

Self-Confidence is Part of being Healthy

Although I try my best at practicing these myself, I don’t always succeed. However, There’s always room for improvement and for practice and that’s the beauty of life. As people, we are constantly growing and learning new things.

Be humble. Stay Safe. And love.

What are some ways you handle low self-esteem? And What do you do to improve your self-confidence on a daily basis?

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