Still trying to figure out where to take your significant other for Valentine’s Day? If you are in Philadelphia this upcoming week, worry not my friend, because there are plenty of awesome places to enjoy such a special day. Check these places out. Make sure you call ahead of time to ensure seating is still available, you slacker!


Ela is located in Queen Village, in the corner of 3rd and Bainbridge. The moment you enter you feel a sense of intimacy and luxury that is sure to appease even the most aesthetically inclined date. I typically go there for the cocktails to be honest but the menu contends with the best of the best in Philly’s Restaurant Scene. The Owner of Ela is Chef @Jason Cinchosk, most of you probably heard of him from the Show Top Chef on Bravo. The menu changes based on season, of course, and also on special events or days such as V-Day but always offers the option to do 4 or 6 course meals. The drink menu offers a variety of Wines  as well as very creative cocktails such as the Penicillin and the Full Moon Fever.

I would suggest maybe heading over to their Valentine’s Menu Page to get a feel for the journey on Valentine’s Day. Another cool thing being offered over at Ela is the Valentine’s Day to Go, for those of us who already have passed the Honeymoon Phase or not, these are boxes that you can take the day off, maybe put a little blanket on the floor, light the room candles and open up those boxes and stuff your faces into blissful oblivion. I mean you can’t go wrong with Butter Poached Maine Lobster, can you?


Jamonera is located on that block of 13th Street that has many, many, many awesome restaurants. A block that undoubtedly has become my exploration start point if my Tummy feels the craving for some explosive, heavenly experience. When you enter this restaurant, you immediately feel a robust, almost raw and romantic vibe. You almost feel like you have to have a delicious red wine or better yet a Sangria which by the way is part of their delicious drink menu and serve them by the pitcher. The food here is powerful, intricate, colorful and full of spice, comparable to the decorations around the restaurant.

This is the menu page for Jamonera. But please don’t leave this restaurant without trying their Grilled Skirt Steak or the Paellas. You will be missing out. Suffice it to say you should come in to this restaurant with an empty stomach if you do try either of those two meals. But they also serve smaller portions like the Albondigas – manchego stuffed meatballs, serrano ham, green olive tapenade, sherry-tomato sauce, grilled baguette.


Tria has a couple of locations around Philly. All of them are renowned for bringing new and fresh liquor to their menus every season as well as for their knowledgeable staff. Now, the one on 18th street gets packed quickly. I typically enjoy going there during brunch hours because it’s not too packed. I expect that for V-day this place may be a little overcrowded but if your date is a Wine connoisseur or appreciates beer like no other then it is worth trying to get a seat at this restaurant. They serve small bites that compliment the drink you are having. You can expect to have really lively conversations with the servers about their favorite beer or wine.

It was here that I was introduced to one of my favorite desert wines: Smith Woodhouse, a 10 Year-old Tawny. I typically pair this with their Pistachio Herbed Ricotta with Lavender Honey Bruschetta. Tria Cafe, is by far one of my most visited places. You could catch me there on Sundays for the Sunday School that they have sometimes where you can learn about and enjoy not-so-common wine, cheese, and beer every Sunday at incredibly low prices. Please don’t hesitate to say hi if you see me.