Let’s preface this post by explaining that as a blogger, who wants to be successful, it is very important that you join the hordes of bloggers out there. In one of those groups, I was instantly attracted to the idea of the 100DayBloggingChallenge.

Moving, saving money and three new gigs can get a little out of hand. I am now the Operations Manager of Soiree In the Cities. And let’s face it, even if we want our blog to make money for us, when starting out – we don’t see much of anything. So, maybe joining the 100DayBloggingChallenge was a mistake, right? WRONG! I am behind schedule but I will catch up in this next week.

Here’s why it’s worth it:

The Benefits of Writing Posts For 100 Days Straight

      • Writing Constantly makes you a faster writer: In fact, most of you already have heard the saying “Practice Makes Perfect”. And I do believe that this exercise will allow me to find various methods to polish my writing. One of the hardest thing for me is to find a topic to write on and then elaborate.
      • The More Content the Better: The 100DayBloggingChallenge may not be for everyone. But one thing is for sure if you are successful in meeting the quota & if you write content with good SEO tactics then you will be well on your way to getting your site recognized. Actually, I will not only post on my blog but I will be also attaching social media campaigns with my CoSchedule App.
      • Social Media Content Increase: Whenever I complete I post I will schedule my social media posts to promote throughout my different channels. There’s even a feature that automatically posts for you at the best times.Social Media Campaign Example CoSchedule - 100DayBloggingChallenge
      • Exercise Commitment: How many times have we stopped our exercise routine or our diet? Because we get discouraged. With the help of the group leading this challenge, we will hold ourselves accountable. The interesting part is that we are holding ourselves accountable to our future success stories. So why would you cheat yourself?
      • Learn to Plan before you Post: One of the biggest challenges I have is coming up with things to write about. I typically find myself writing lists of things that match the brand of my blog but quickly lose interest in the topic. Don’t get me wrong, if we ever sit down for a coffee I could talk about entrepreneurship, its nuances as well its wonderful moments, the operational challenges and creative solutions I have stumbled upon throughout my career, and the latest pump at ModCloth or NastyGal for days. But putting all that into a blog post can be very difficult to do.

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      • Become an expert (or closer to it than you are today): I am far from a professional blogger. My goal is to become one in the near future. I’ve been studying and researching and gathering lots of information regarding strategies to become successful. One thing I’ve noticed is that no blogger became successful overnight and you should not expect that either.


  • 100DayBloggingChallenge


    My Expectations of the 100DayBloggingChallenge

    I expect that this challenge will be difficult of course! However, I also want to learn as I go and not pressure myself into thinking about failure. After all, failures and shortcomings are part of success stories. I do hope one day I open up my “income reports” to you guys and I will circle back to this and many other posts.

    I expect that I will find many different methods of writing. Also, learn how to deal with the stress that comes with giving blogging a try. I will be working on my social media as well. I have 2000+ followers on Instagram. My goal is to hit 3k. Pinterest is my next one to work on.

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    In conclusion, challenging yourself in a healthy manner is always good. Some of you have also joined the 100DayBloggingChallenge. Why did you decide to join? What are your expectations? Let me know in the comment box down below.